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LGBT Motorcycle Riders Club

Spectrum-MRC is a mainstream motorcycle riding club. Our members are everyday people with normal jobs just like yours. We ride various types of motorcycles, from 100cc dirt bikes to full custom S&S equipped cruisers.

We are a motorcycle riding club for GLBT/Friendly riders (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender). All types of motorcyclists and their passengers are welcome as well as those who have an interest in learning to ride. The group is designed to connect riders and foster kinship between like-minded people.

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5 days ago

A few updates:
The forecast for Wednesday is currently 104. I think we have hit that time of year where we will just have to play things by ear. Stay tuned for our July ride & bike night dates; if possible.

I have attached two documents for our Eureka Springs trip. They are pinned in the event, but due to Facebook's poor layout I am thinking nobody has seen them. Less than 10 weeks to go! I got my PTO approved & am ready to hit the road!

Some food for thought: I have a bunch of frequent flyer miles I need to use. I am thinking of taking a bit of a bucket list ride in 2019. One idea I had would be to fly to San Fran, rent a bike and ride to Seattle. Any thoughts or potential interest on this idea or another like it?

Hopefully this heat wave passes quickly!

See you all soon.

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2 weeks ago

I went riding 4 wheeler yesterday......that's me in the green helmet.....

Motocross Updates
Pretty cool for a quad. 😳


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2 weeks ago

Eureka Springs 4 day trip ...

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