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LGBT Motorcycle Riders Club

Spectrum-MRC is a mainstream motorcycle riding club. Our members are everyday people with normal jobs just like yours. We ride various types of motorcycles, from 100cc dirt bikes to full custom S&S equipped cruisers.

We are a motorcycle riding club for GLBT/Friendly riders (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender). All types of motorcyclists and their passengers are welcome as well as those who have an interest in learning to ride. The group is designed to connect riders and foster kinship between like-minded people.

I’ll be at the ride tomorrow. But I have no com’s to talk to anyone. If anyone would be kind or willing to let me borrow a spare one for the day I’d be ever so grateful. Plus I’ll make ya laugh the whole way. Let me know. See y’all tomorrow. Have a safe night everyone. Can’t wait to meet you all. ...

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Sooooooo who’s not that busy to come ride with me this morning while we still have good weather????? New In here and could use some new friends✌️ ...

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Dan Vittorio created an event for Spectrum Motorcycle Riding Club (Spectrum-MRC). ...

Dec Spectrum Ride

December 2, 2017, 2:00pm

Meet up at the Denny's parking lot in Arlington near 6 Flags. Kick stands up at 2pm. Stop for dinner in Mansfield then on our own back home.

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