Here is what we strive to have in regards to rides & events. We have 6 different categories, ranging from lunch run to extravagant. All events are optional for members, but we will make our best efforts to have a minimum of 25 events each year.

Any member of the club is always welcome to suggest, plan or host their own event on top these.

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Bike Night & Meetups

Once per month or more

These events include our 1st Wednesday bike night as well as any other ad-hoc meetups. These events have no planed routes, but are simply somewhere for all of us to get together on our bikes, perhaps have a bite to eat and discuss other events.

Brunch or Dinner runs

Once per month or more unless a larger ride is planned

Similar to bike night events, but this will have an optional meetup point and group ride. These rides will be short, usually under 100 miles.

Day Rides

An extended version of our monthly brunch / dinner run

Day rides will periodically replace our monthly brunch dinner runs. They will have a scheduled meetup point, organized route, but will be from 100 -300 miles and 2-6 hours in length. These rides will stay in Texas, but reach out beyond the DFW metroplex.

Overnight Trips

1 to 2 per year, unless extended trip is planned

Once or twice a year, unless a larger trip is planned, we will take an over night trip ranging from 2-4 days in length. Popular trips we have done in this category are, Eureka Springs, Hill Country, and Talimena Scenic Byway

Extended and International Travel

On average one per every 1-3 years

Any Trip that lasts more than 4 days. These would be trips to Colorado/Rock Mountains, Tail of the Dragon, or even perhaps a bucket list ride in the Alps.

Special Events

One or more per year

From time to time we will have a special event. Our most popular would be our participation in pride parades, however in the past we have also had fund raisers & car & motorcycle shows.